Our first year open showed a lot more challenges than expected but we definately overcame them.

our historY

rick rudolph       

logisitics supervisor                  

As a lifelong supervisor, Rick rudolph really knew what needed to be done to bring the teams together to get stuff done.



taylor rudolph           

cheif financail advisor     

Also a graduate from bowie high school, and a student at Abilene Christian University, studying accounting, Taylor was the person we wanted to assist in the finance team.

who we are

After doing lots of research, Joshua decided to sell his 2009 Honda Accord, to take a chance, and buy what is now Avalanche Blast.

    In 2012 at only 15 the owner and CEO Joshua Rudolph hated working boring jobs like every other high school student, he worked at AMC, and didn't like doing the same thing everyday.


  In the summer of 2012 Joshua purchased the trailer in an ambitious stunt to make money as a sophomore in high school. Nervous but excited he pushed himself beyond his limits to produce a quality product while balancing school, football, friendships, work, and other relationships.

     "When you want to succeed as BAD as you want to BREATHE, then you will be successful.    - Eric Thomas

"Entrepreneurs: The only people who will work 80 hour weeks to avoid working 40."  - Lori Greiner

The present day – We are now looking into expanding our operation to more areas of austin and surrounding cities, we have been so grateful for our clients continued support.

 candice rudolph           

chief financial officer 

As a business owner all her life, Candice Rudolph was the perfect person to help oversee the financial side of the business.



Why did we open?

2015 was the strongest year so far for avalanche Blast, our public relations had been amazing, and people couldn't book fast enough.

Joshua Rudolph       

 chief executive officer 

A graduate of Bowie High School who went on to become a firefighter/emt and create Avalanche Blast

Avalanche Blast Shaved Ice

EST. 2012



The owner Joshua Rudolph was sitting in class and saw an interesting facebook of a shaved ice truck for sale.

   Avalanche Blast Shaved ice in Austin Texas has been very successful for the last few years. since 2012 we have had one of the best Snowball reviews in the city.

   We were recently invited to be on Roaming Hunger, a world renowned food truck booking website.  We hear nothing but positive feedback from our products.

  We are currently working on expanding our operations to other areas of Austin.