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1631 Barton Springs Road




Why did we open? 

Rick Rudolph

Logistics Supervisor


     Avalanche Blast Shaved ice in Austin Texas has been very successful for the last few years. since 2012 we have had one of the best Snowball reviews in the city. We were recently invited to be on Roaming Hunger, a world renowned food truck booking website.  We hear nothing but positive feedback from our products.   WE NOW OPERATE AT 1631 BARTON SPRINGS ROAD.

We Believe each customer is just as important as the last, and we strive to prove that to you.

Taylor Rudolph 



Joshua Rudolph



Mission Statement

Candice Rudolph

Financial Administrator  


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Contact Information

       In 2012 at only 15 the owner and CEO Joshua Rudolph purchased the trailer in an ambitious stunt to make money as a sophomore in high school. Nervous but excited he pushed himself beyond his limits to produce a quality product while balancing school, football, friendships, work, and other relationships.

     "When you want to succeed as BAD as you want to BREATHE, then you will be successful.    - Eric Thomas