Avalanche Blast Shaved Ice

EST. 2012

Avalanche Blast carries a variety of high quality flavors, in fact we care so much about out flavors, some of them are shipped in all the way from New Orleans! 

What is a SnowShake??

   - A SnowShake is a uniques creation that combines a milkshake, and a snowball! We start with a normal Snowball and size and any flavor, and we blend it together with some delicious Blue Bell Ice Cream, and a secret creme recipe! served with a spoon, and straw. Try one for yourself! 

What does Stuffed With Blue Bell Ice Cream mean?

- This is the best way to enjoy a New Orleans Style Snowball! We create your favorite Snowball and finish it off with a large scoop of Blue Bell vanilla ice cream, on top of the Snowball or underneath!

How BIG is the Jumbo? 

   - The jumbo is NO JOKE! 32oz of melt in your mouth ice topped with your favorite syrup, and finished off with a 12oz cone on top! THATS A TOTAL OF 44OZ OF SNOWBALLS!!